10 Tricks To Appear Smart…Be Careful What You Wish For

10 Tricks To Appear Smart...Be Careful What You Wish For

I have to say this story even if I don’t look smart after it!

I was googling and put in the search “10 tricks”. The 1st Google proposal was “10 tricks to appear smart” and it was talking about appearing smart in meetings.

Not what I was looking for…but I looked at the end of the 1st page where they put related searches and guess what popped up for me….

why are my thumbs uneven

am i lack toast and tolerant

donald trump

Always interesting what Google Search associates our search with!

I was puzzled with the second one until I realized it was “am I lactose intolerant”…real funny! Where are my toasts!

And I don’t want to talk about the 3rd one….everybody has their own opinion.

So be careful and don’t take Google too seriously, specially if you want to appear smart.

And remember…You are you and you are smart.

So move on with your life.


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