The 3 Amigos You Need for Your Business

The 3 Amigos You Need for Your Business

My son loves comedies and the other day he was watching the Three Amigos from 1986.

Do you remember it?

It was with Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short. I remember I was in university when it first came out and I saw that movie many times. I laughed at the bad jokes every time! This time, it was fun to watch my son laughing out loud at the old jokes. Seems that they are still working.

That made me think of the friends I needed and still need in my business. Those friends are really important, I would even say vital, if you want to succeed online. Unfortunately, people forget about them and then blame others for their failure.

So who are the friends you need to succeed on the internet?

Friend No 1 – YOU!

Your first and most important friend is you. Yes seriously. If you are not 100% committed to your business, you will not succeed.

You are your most important friend, you are your most important asset. Without you, you can’t succeed.

Use your skills, learn everyday, believe in you, trust you.

Friend No 2 – TIME

Time is an asset that people forget often. Your time is worth alot. How much are you getting paid now for your time?

How much do you think you should be paid? That depends on what you think you are worthed. Many people think that “they were born for small bread”. That’s a Quebec expression that means that some people believe they were born to be the poor ones. That is a dangerous way of thinking as many times, when there are obstacles, you just abandon.

But I derail here….back to time.

Time is so precious because we all have limited time to live so we need to use our time wisely.

Time in business is even more precious because it competes with our time to be with our family and friends; it competes also with the time we spend at work.

So when you put time in a business, you want to maximize it and use it for actions that will reward you eventually.

Be constructive when you use your time for your business.

Friend No 3 – Your Audience, Your List

I was watching economic news yesterday and they were talking about the fact that business need to be present on the internet in order to survive. This is just the new way of doing business. SO you need to have a presence on the internet and if you are building an internet business, you need prospects, leads, an audience.

How to attract them? There are different ways but let’s say that there are 2 categories: paid trafic and free trafic. For more on this, I use a complete system that will give you all the options you need in the 2 categories. Click Here.

Enjoy your business with your 3 amigos. They are worthed!


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