The 3 Essentials of Network Marketing

The 3 Essentials of Network Marketing

As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you are sometimes struggling with your business. Why is that?

Maybe because you are missing at least one of the 3 essentials of network marketing. What are they? Let’s see…

1- Generate Leads

If you want your business to grow, you need customers, or partners in network marketing.  No customers, no partners, no business. Simple as that!

How do you get customers/partners?

There are different ways. Some are free, some you need to invest. I would say that the best leads are often not free.

In my case, I do a bit of both. I get free traffic that eventually become leads through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and my blog.

I also buy traffic but more so leads. Leads have to be of great quality and that is difficult to find. I found a great source of quality leads with this program. I get between 15-20 leads per day.  Check it out.

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2- You Need an Autoresponder

When you get leads, you have to communicate with them. Remember, leads are people. So you have to talk to them about your business. The best way to talk to them is by email using an autoresponder.

A note: On average, a lead will be exposed to your business 7 times before buying from you…so you need to be patient and constant.

My autoresponder is this one. I love it. Click and see if you like it as much as I do.

3- Become an Expert in Your Field

This is your most important task for your business. What does that mean? It means that you have to walk the talk!

Don’t say that you know about your product, your field, your business, prove it. Show it. You can’t pretend as people will soon see through you. It is better to say that you are learning than saying that you know it all when in fact you know nothing.

So educate yourself in your field. Read books, articles, blogs; take courses; watch webinars, there are many that are free and great; have a coach, a mentor.

Become a learner! Open your mind and people will see in your emails, your posts, that you are not fake.

One of the great coach and mentor I have right now is Ola. You can get alot of training from him. Here’s a link to check it out.

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Those 3 essentials are the foundation to build and grow a business in network marketing. You need them, you have to master them if you want to become an entrepreneur. Think about it, study it and act upon it!



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