3 Sacrifices Axl Rose Made to Save AC/DC’s Business

3 Sacrifices Axl Rose Made to Save AC/DC's Business

Love when taking a small risk pays off big time!

I admit, I’m that generation….and I love it!

If you follow a bit AC/DC, you know that they lost half their band in the last year and a half. They lost their drummer, their guitarist, and lately singer Brian Johnson had to step down because he’s almost deaf (beware young ones with earphones plugged in all day!)

So AC/DC asked Axl Rose to come to their rescue so they would not stop their tour and therefore, continue on with their business…but we have to be honest, Axl Rose is really not Brian Johnson, I can safely say that they are total opposite…to the point that thousands of people asked for reimbursement of their tickets when they heard the news.

For his first concert with AC/DC in Lisbon, Axl had to make 3 sacrifices:

  1. Sing only AC/DC’s songs, because it’s an AC/DC concert.
  2. Sing as closely as possible like Brian Johnson so the song appeal to fans.
  3. Change clothes only once during the concert because of his injured foot.

and you know what, according to people who where at the concert in Lisbon, it paid off! Fans were hysterical and said that Axl was a good replacement, that the band was on top as usual…

AC/DC won their bet an they can continue on with their tour….I’m sure that the people who asked for a reimbursement are now regretting and probably hunting for tickets now!

Do you want to be on AC/DC’s side of the business (they dared and they won) or on the side of the supposely fans who asked for a reimbursement without knowing how Axl’s performance would be…and are now hunting for new tickets, probably much more expensive now that the word came out that the show is awesome?

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