5 Obvious Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

5 Obvious Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

Today, let’s be a bit more serious…

…after yesterday’s tanning session….

…and let’s talk about 5 obvious tips to increase your website or blog traffic.

I say obvious because I’m sure you know them…but it’s always good to have a refresher and to actually realize that:

Yeah! They do work!

So the first tip is….rolling of drums!

1) Post interesting and relevant content

Obvious I tell you. Post content that is catchy for your targeted audience. Look at what others in your niche are doing and develop your style. I will also add that you have to post regularly because you want to create momentum and expectation from your audience.

OK on to 2…

2) Be active on social medias

I told you O.B.V.I.O.U.S.

The way I do it is by posting my blog’s content on FB, on IG, and on Twitter. You can also post on Linkedl, Snapchat, Pinterest or do a video of your post on Youtube. Choice is limiteless.

So 3 now…

3) Create an email marketing campaign

I personally have numerous campaigns for my list and, in addition to email campaigns, I also send them the content of my blog.

4) Use long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are generally favoured today as they produce better result and more traffic as well as being easier to rank for. These keywords are usually four-word plus phrases that relate to your website niche. I also try to have at least 5 keywords per blog and I use them as tags as well…never too clever!

Lastly the fifth one…

5) Improve your website’s loading speed

That one is more technical but you know that these days your audience’s attention span is really really limited, so ensure that your website/blog loads in 2 seconds or less. Otherwise, bye bye traffic.

Apply the above and you’ll see your traffic increase substantially.


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