7 Steps To Making Positive Changes In Your Business

7 Steps To Making Positive Changes In Your Business

Friday I was talking about Thanksgiving being a great time to take stock of your life and business and to adjust to get a better life. I was looking at other ways you can look into and found this article from Orla Kenny…because you know, there’s never just one way to do things and that’s the beauty of life. Enjoy!

To make the transition towards positive change in your life and business, here are 7 simple steps to help you.

1. Recognize Your Need To Change

The first step to change is always awareness, you first need to know you have to change, you have to see that something isn’t working as well as it could. Self awareness is the most powerful resource we have to effect change in our life. It brings new insights into our patterns of behaviour, reactions, defences etc. When you become aware, it allows you to choose something different that brings better results.

2. Make A Decision To Take The First Step

Commitment to yourself. When you reflect on your situation and decide to make a commitment to starting to change, you are already half way there. There is power in making a decision. You see the need for change and you have hope of a better future.

3. Examine Your Life To See What Areas Need Change

You can do this yourself by writing down all the different areas of your life such as work, family, relationships, financial, health, self development and so on. Examine each area and ask yourself how satisfied am I with each area using a scale of 0 -10 ( 0 being – very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied ). You can also come to a coaching session and we can go through this together.

4. Invest Time and Effort Into Making This Happen

Again, commitment to the process. First you need to commit to the decision and then follow through on this commitment to the point of completion. This is about believing in yourself and believing that this will work for you and that you deserve more. We build self – belief when we make decisions, take successful actions and accept personal responsibility for both our successes and our failures.

5. Be Confident

Confidence requires practice. It requires mistakes and the courage to fail. You will have set backs, but all successful people fail many times on their way to success. You activate your self – confidence by believing in yourself. It’s about having boldness and courage and not caring what others think of you. Dare to be different.

6.  Be Persistent

At this point, it gets tough, there will be some pain as the process begins, but remember it’s normal to feel this way as you are moving out of your comfort zone – it may feel like you are pushing a rock up a hill, but believe me, it gets easier. Just don’t give up ! .. soon you will see rewards for your persistence and determination.

7.  Be Willing To Let Go Of The Old

Be willing to let go of old habits, behaviours, things, people and anything else that no longer serves you in a healthy way. It takes time to let go of habits and to form new ones. Be aware of this, so if you slip back now and again don’t worry too much, this is all part of the process. Dust yourself off and get back up.

A Few Final Pointers For Your Journey To Positive Change
  • Let go and trust
  • Desire something better
  • Believe you can change
  • Don’t give up
  • Wait with expectation – it is coming !


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