7 Tips to Keep a Positive Attitude in Business

7 tips for positive attitude

Hello! Today is Epiphany. In my family this day celebrates the Magi, “La Fête des Rois”, and we have a special cake. I know that it has different meanings for other people.

For my family, the cake traditionally celebrating Epiphany in France (where I’m from) is called galette des rois and it isa flaky puff pastry layers with a dense center of frangipane (an almond filling) with a bean (nowadays a porcelain figurine). Tradition holds that the cake is “to draw the kings” to the Epiphany. The king (or queen) is the one who gets the “bean” with their part of cake.  I love that day as we all feel special and we all hope to be king or queen for the day!

This day brings an end to the Holidays Season and gives me a sense of a new beginning for the year.  I always find that celebrating Epiphany with my family gives me a positive start every year.

Talking about positive, I consider myself to be a positive person by nature and I want to give you my gift for this special day:

Seven tips for a positive attitude in business

1. Keep an open mind

Always be open to the possibility that a life change opportunity can be at the next corner.  Consider that any opportunity that knocks at your door might be the key to transforming your life for the better.

Look at the opportunity with fresh eyes. See if it can help you with your life for the better. Don’t discard it right away.

When you are willing to keep an open mind, you respond positively to the challenge of a life change that has the potential for a great reward.

Be different than those around you. Be open.

2. Be proactive

A proactive individual sees change as part of the process and takes action to make the best of it. A reactive individual is at the mercy of change.

In business (and life) you cannot simply sit back and let things just happen. Having a proactive attitude requires work. You must be able to think ahead and anticipate. It involves being involved.

Do a little mental work beforehand. Get in the game and be proactive.

3. Think big

If you think small, you will achieve something small. If you think big, then you are more likely to achieve a goal that is beyond your wildest dreams.

When we allow ourselves to have an attitude that pushes boundaries and explores possibilities, we draw in people who have the same attitude. In other words, by thinking big we find big thinkers.

Want to have a team full of big thinkers? Want to grow leaders out of your team and promote them to new heights in their business? It all starts with your big-thinking, boundary-pushing, dream-inspiring attitude.

Go ahead – think big.

4. Visualize success

If you look at high performing athletes, they all visualize their performance before going into action.  Just think of Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel. Both F1 pilots visualize each part of the F1 circuit to see where they can improve and win the crucial seconds to be the fastest pilot and the winner. By visualizing their race, they can anticipate when they are in action.

Many successful persons such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith or Arnold Swartzenegger use the power of visualization to attract what they desire in life.

Visualization allows to make what we desire real. It is really powerful!

5. Respect your customers/your patners

That is soooo important.

Showing respect to your customers and your partners is vital for your business. I don’t think that I have to elaborate here as I know that you understand this.

Let’s just say what my parents told me and I tell my kids now:

Always treat people the way you want to be treated…with respect.

 6. Be all in

When you do something, do it boldly and with confidence. Wimping out is more likely to leave you stuck in the same old pattern and immune to positive change.

As my favority mentor, Ola would say:

Be all in or don’t do it. Your mind as to be all in when you do something. If it’s not, you will fail. So BE ALL IN!

7. Love what you do

I have to say that this is my favourite. I make myself a point of honnor to do what I love. If you don’t do what you love, you will have a hard time keeping a positive attitude. You will have more chance to fail, therefore less chance of success.

So just do what you love and do it with passion!




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