Abracadabri, Abracadabra, Ocus Pocus, Here’s The Good News!

Abracadabri, Abracadabra, Ocus Pocus, Here's The Good News!

What is the good news?

That’s my question to you. Write me good news about you, your life, your business. I promise I will read it and respond to you.

My personal good news for today is that I’m doing exactly what I want in my life. It’s that simple…and that great…I’m free!

It’s been almost 1 year since I left my job. Yes ONE YEAR! Can’t believe I took the bull by the horn and decided to leave the prison for my freedom. Freedom of doing what I want.

I don’t regret a single day my decision. There’s no thoughts like:

“What have I done? Patricia, you’re crazy to leave the golden prison…”

Those words were actually my mom ranting daily when I took my decision to leave my job…I know she loves me and she wants me to have a safe and secure job…but I couldn’t stand the politics, the boredom of redoing the same sh.t over and over and over…no challenges.

Yes JOB – Just Obligated to Boring stuff!

Anyway, I’m happy and wanted to share with you my good news.

What is yours?


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