Adapt, Adapt, Adapt

Adapt, Adapt, Adapt

I have to admit, I’m having a rough September.

I’m not saying this for pity. It’s just a fact. It’s a fact of life for many parents when school starts again. Kids changing teachers, changing school, changing program, etc…

In my case, this September is specially rough because the school has decided to put my son in a new program. Nothing wrong with that, except that they have decided that my son has to fit in that program and he has to adapt. My son is normally able to adapt but not this year, why?

As you know my son is autistic and he has been in special classes since he started school 10 years ago. Classes that were adapted for autistic kids with a teacher and a specialized technician…and they were always between 6 to 8 kids in the class. Great ratio.

This year, the high school has decided that my son will be perfect with 2 teachers and 24 other kids with multiple challenges (autism, dyspraxia, behavioral issues, immigrants who don’t speak the language, drop outs, etc…).

I’m sure you can imagine the problems right away! My son is sick to his stomach almost every school day!

I just don’t get it. When in primary school, there were 6 classes for autistic kids (6*8 kids=48). In the forst 3 years of high school, there were 6 classes for autistic kids (6+8 kids=48). Why not continue with the same program? Why change for a melting pot of kids? I just don’t get it.

That has been my frustration in the last 3 weeks and my new battle! I will win it!


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