Come On You Don’t Know What Adrenaline Is Jumping Jack

Come On You Don't Know What Adrenaline Is Jumping Jack

I have to admit…

I received many comments about my last chat on adrenaline.

“Come on Patricia, adrenaline is not starving and being hungry on a trip!”

“Patricia, seriously? You adrenaline is for 90 years old smocks…”

I always love receiving others perspective.

OK, I guess people don’t know what is adrenaline. It’s not just when you jump from a plane with your chute or when you bungee jump from a cliff!!”

Yes I agree that my adrenaline is not close to being an adrenaline junkie but you see, adrenaline can be many thing according to wiki. It can be for example, a physiological reaction from exercice, an emotion or memory.

Let’s just talk about the emotion, as this is what I was talking about last time (without developing further). Adrenaline can be triggered by stress (bad emotion) or by happiness due to great results or great success (great emotion).

What I was mentioning yesterday about being prepared ensures that you’re not stressed over anything that may (and will) happen with your business. If you are prepared, surprised can give you adrenaline and stress but all good ones because you’re confident that you’re in the right direction with your business.

See, good adrenaline, good stress…and they are a necessity if you want to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams!

Be prepared for obstacles and reach them easily with good adrenaline. Your journey will be memorable!


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