Always Good to Hear Back From a Friendly Fantom From Your Past

Always Good to Hear Back From a Friendly Fantom from Your Past

Yep always good!!!

I received a phone call from an old friend and former colleague on Friday. We worked together and we left the government almost at the same time. We were both dedicated employees not playing the political game, so we were always being abused of…and I don’t say it lightly…you know when you’re a hard worker but not part of the clique! We were underpaid for what we were doing…but that’s the past and a lot of water went under the bridge since that time.

But you know it reminded me of certain events and puts things back in perspective. On Friday April 1st, it has been exactly 9 months since I left my job and retired. It took me that many months to feel physically and mentally better. I actually feel like I was just born to a new life. A much better life I tell you. One where I have time to take good care of my family and myself too.

Enough of my ranting against my former job. Let’s focus on the advantages that it gave me over the years and the tranquility I can now have.

My discussion with my friend made me realize the entire journey I’ve been enjoying for the last 9 months….and there will be many more as I improve my entrepreneurship skills (this is and will always be a work in progress!!)

I hope that you can enjoy your journey in entrepreneurship as much as I enjoy mine.

Happy Sunday to you all!


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