Another One Bites The Dust

Another One Bites The Dust

I’m always wondering about people and business.

If I ask you how long it will take you to make money after you open your flower shop or your restaurant, you will probably tell me a few years depending on the investment you put in it, marketing included.

So why do people think that a business online is different?

OK you don’t have the same investments like a rent to pay, employees to pay, supplies to pay, but you have to invest time and money and you still have to build your business. It’s like any business, you have to work for it.

Why am I saying this?

There’s this lady in one of my FB group that is complaining that she was misled by network marketing. She complained that she put $5000 in a click package and she only got 51 sales! So now she says she’s broke and the business is a fraud!

OK. Why did she put $5k in one shot if it was her yearly marketing budget? Ho, you tell me that she didn’t have a business plan nor a budget and she was just expecting to get rich from $5k invested once….

Mmmm. Reality is that a business is a long term project, that be for a restaurant, flower shop or network marketing. You have to invest in it. If you want to invest $5k once and get rich….buy a lottery ticket or go to the casino….even then I can’t promise you’ll be rich!

What the lady also forgot to say is that her 5000 clicks at $5k actually gave her 2000 leads….that’s an investment and a great return on investment (40%). She now has a list of potential buyers and she doesn’t realize that!

She can now start to advertize to her list and build it. If she needs help, there are great mentors in her actual business or she can go outside if she wants.

See, the complainer is actually complaining on a full stomach and she’s sitting on a gold mine without realizing it.

The issue with that lady is that, because she doesn’t understand how a business works and she complains about the whole thing being a fraud, she’s causing more problems to herself, to her business, to her partners by spreading false information on the FB group.

So before complaining, look around and ask questions, ask for guidance within FB groups or other community groups. There’s always people ready to help and to explain.

Do that before damaging your reputation and the reputation of others.

Enjoy the week-end.


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