Are We Out Of Our Mind?

Are We Out Of Our Mind?

Funny! I wrote this title 2 days ago and I totally forgot what I wanted to talk about…Silly hey? Actually not that much. You know when ideas pop up into your mind in the most unexpected ways, you need to write the idea right away, otherwise you will forget it.  Just the same way I did!

Sad that I forgot because I remember that I was really excited about this thought!

Having ideas and thoughts are what makes us, human, so great. We can use our thoughts to make things good around us (or bad, our choice – but I prefer to focus on the good!). We can accomplish so much just by listening, remembering and applying our ideas and thoughts.  We wouldn’t have all the advancements in science without thoughts and ideas…I would still be called a cold mother if scientists had not made scientific breakthrough with autism. I feel so bad for the women who were called cold mothers…so bad how society is when they don’t understand something.

We should never jump to conclusion when we don’t understand something. We have to learn about it. When we learn about something, fear goes away.

Taking about fear, are you afraid of the way the working force is going? I was looking at the news lately and they were talking about the fact that there is less and less “jobs for life” nowaday. Remember when your parents and grand parents were working for GM, Ford, GE, they were working there for life.

Not anymore. In the news I was listening to, the journalist was talking about sharing jobs, employees sharing a 40h/week job so both of them could have an income. They were also talking (and that was new to me) about employee sharing. Employees working for 2-3 different companies during the week. One day at one company, two days at another one…the companies sharing the salary and benefits for the employee.

This is a trend that is big now around the world.

Are you scared about this? Do you feel out of control towards your future because of that working shift?

You should not. You should see this change in workforce as an opportunity to take control of your professional life. You are in control. Take control.

Think about it. You are worthed.


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