Are You a Hunter or a Creator?


Are You a Hunter or a Creator?

Actually, not sure this is a choice anymore…

Let me explain.

The job market has changed drastically over the years. It is now almost impossible to work for the same company for 35-40 years. The baby boomers time is over.

Today, during our 40+ years of career, we will work for at least 5-6 different companies…plus, we will probably not have enough money to retire, because we will have had the famous 40-40-40, 40k spent in education that we need to reimburse with a 40K yearly salary for 40 years…

And most of the 40 years will be spent doing something we don’t even like and we didn’t even study for!

OK! That’s depressing…But that’s the reality!

That’s why, nowadays people are looking to create their own job to find more satisfaction in their work life. Either by working part time doing different types of work, or working full time for a company for 3-5 years until we go somewhere else or by creating their own business.

Actually more and more people have their own business and the industry is asking for that.

As an example, there is this low cost flight company that is asking its “employees” to be contractors…so the company doesn’t have to pay for social benefits, doesn’t have to pay when the contractor is sick or non available. The contractor is taking all the risks. The flight company is piling up money!

Taking this example, my preference goes to creating my own job or my own business so I don’t depend upon the pleasure of a company…I decide what I do and I get the money I deserve based on the work I do. I even take vacations when I want and I’m paid either if I work or not because my business runs 24/7.

Makes more sense to me working smarter.

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