Are you addicted?

are you addicted

In my last post, I was talking about my New Year resolutions. With age, we can be smarter about it. I should actually say with wisdom instead of age (I know young ones who have much more wisdom than I do!!!!). Today, I want to talk about addiction. What does it have to do with business? Read to find out!

The positive twist

I know that addiction is a negative word. In the Canadian Government, I was working on a program that was regulating and dealing with (sic!) controlled and illegal substances. So I know alot about that and the addictive effects, and the broken lives.

On another but related topic, yesterday I was on Youtube (yes I do that too once in awhile!) and I was seeking for music from the 80’s and the 90’s…and what did I find? Addicted to love from Robert Palmer! I just remembered the days when I was dancing like crazy when that song was playing! The good old days…sight…

That was it! I found it! This is my positive twist to addiction! Proof that addiction can be good…

Be Addicted to…

In business, I would tell you that there are some activities that you should be addicted to…and if you read some of my posts and my emails, you should guess what they are.


That is right. The most important in business is consistency. Do the same productive activities daily, over and over. Activities that help build your business, maintain your business and grow your business. For example, build your list, write to your list, educate yourself to become a leader.

Build your list using different sources of leads, free sources, paid sources. You can use Instagram, Facebook, website for free sources. You can use solo ads, done for you traffic builders, etc…as paid sources. I strongly suggest that you use multiple sources to get leads and build your list.

Write to your list using emails, webposting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… You can also use Youtube, Periscope and other video recording systems to give your messages to your list. The choice is infinite.

Educate yourself to become a leader is crucial to survive in business. You want to learn about your favorite topic, learn what others do in the same area, and find your niche.

The most important is that you have to love what you do…otherwise you will quit soon and that is something you don’t want to do. You don’t want to quit on your dreams. So make sure that you are building your dream business.



Be addicted to simplicity. This is crucial! You know the famous KISS principle (Keep it simple sweetheart!)? Well it works! If you are building a business and you want to maintain it and growing it, you have to keep your activities simple.

For example, you have to understand all the activities of your business. You don’t have to master them but at least understand the why of the activities. Activities such as your business budget and accounting. You have to understand it but you can hire a manager to do that part of your business.

Another element about simplicity that I like is automation! My autoresponder is automated, some of my lead building is automated, I just lve it and suggest that you automated as much as possible the techy parts so you can focus on the most imaginative part and on learning to becoming a leader.


Be addicted to success…but be warned that success comes in cycles…so be ready for the more quiet times. Your addiction to success should be just enough to celebrate the success and then to move back on to building your business. Success is the little boost you will need sometimes to say:

“OK, I’m on the right track and I can continue on with my great business!”

I love that little kick! Specially when I don’t expect it!

In Closing

I hope that you enjoyed my addictive feel of the day!

I wish that, in 2016, you take the time to enjoy the little things that make life so beautiful and that you aim to do what you love most, whatever that is for you!

Take care!


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