Are You Bob, Stuart or Kevin?

Are You Bob, Stuart or Kevin?

Minions… We love them but they are also somewhat scary! Why?

Sometimes, in life, at work, we all feel like we are minions…all the same. That’s the scary part! Then there’s a Stuart (a musician), a Bob (a young inexperimented fellow) and a Kevin (a leader) coming to our rescue!

We are not all alike afterall! Yeah!

We know that we are different and we can show our difference. We are unique amongst all the minions!

So why am I talking about this?

Because lately, there’s been a buzz on the network marketing world about distinguishing ourselves, being different!

Actually, I don’t really believe in this big drama. Why?

Because it forgets something really important…being ourselves! (Sorry Ben Settle, when you brought up authenticity this week-end, I was already working on this post! I’m not copying you, it’s the other way around! AH! LOL!)

Some of us are funny, some of us are not so.

Some of us are great looking, some of us not so.

Some of us are extravert and, of course, most of us are not.

And you know what?

It’s perfectly fine as long as we are, yes Ben, authentic.

Being true to yourself, being authentic is what makes you unique! Period!

So you are not all the minions, you are an authentic minion amongst others authentic minions.

Think about it and cultivate your uniqueness and your authenticity.


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