Are You Infected by the SOS Syndrom?

Are You Infected by the SOS Syndrom

I have to tell you a story that happened to me this week-end.

As a network marketer, I like to look at the various opportunities that are out there. Sometimes you can find something great but most of the time, you have to be really picky and vigilant with new offers popping almost daily on the network marketing world.

So I always want to improve my skills and I love to learn new stuff.

I got this new opportunity right in my email inbox and of course I click on it just to see what it’s all about.,,you know it’s promising more than 500 quality leads for free! I’m sure there’s something fishy about it.

So you get that tearful story (sniff, sniff) about that young man who was going no where and then, BADANG!

He found the miracle solution to getting quality leads and he went from $0 to $2K the next day…and he was millionnaire within one month! And now he’s giving away FREE leads for fun???

OK…Come on! This is the SOS Syndrom. The Shinny Object Syndrom! Jinny get out of your lamp! I am your master and I want $1 million right now!

I hope that you don’t believe those stories giving you the magic potion to be millionnaire in 3 days!

That just doesn’t exist.

Think about Apple, Microsoft, McDonald, Starbucks, all big companies that took years and hard work to get where they are.

On the network marketing world, think about Amway, Herbalife, Usana, Melaleuca…same story. They didn’t become millionnaires without efforts.

I can give you the magic potion to success – hard work, consistency and improving your skills.

I can give you another formula, consistency, consistency, consistency.

And a third one, the right tools, quality leads and training.

All my formulas include one important asset – YOU!

It all starts with you and what you really want.

Taking about formulas. I have something that can improve your skills – The NEW ASPIRE Business System. Be coached by 7 Figure Entrepreneurs and learn their Secrets To Online Profit.


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