Are You Waiting for a Miracle?

Are You Waiting for a Miracle?

The other day I was talking to my mom who is quite depressed lately because she sees many people around her dying. My mom is almost 69 and it is normal to be surrounded by people who will soon leave this Earth. I was trying to boost her morale by suggesting a trip to Disney in March but she declined. I think that the only action I can do for her now is to support her and be present. And that’s what I do everyday for her and I love her dearly.

Now you’re going to ask what does this have to do with my business (and my title)? You know, we can always transpose experience to almost every aspect of our life. In this case, I want to focus on ACTION and BEING PRESENT.

Can you relate ACTION and BEING PRESENT in your business?

Let’s see…Action

One of my modo is to take action. Act even if you are not 100% ready. If you don’t act, you will just watch the train of opportunity pass in front of you and you will sit at the station, waiting for another train of opportunity that may never show up.

So for me, being action oriented is important…

And you don’t have to take massive actions. Actually, I prefer to focus on my important daily actions. Daily actions are tasks such as writing my blog, writing my emails, contact and welcome my new clients or partners, read and listen to audio shows about entrepreneurship, marketing and business.

Those daily actions are crucial for building my business, to be prosperous.

Being Present

I was on my Facebook this morning and one of the post is really appropriate to what I want to express here about being present:

Either you run the day or the day runs you. – Jim Rohn

Being present is that quote. You can either focus on your activities and be 100% present and in it…or you can get distracted by any and all things around you, be the phone, the computer, the TV, etc.

So for me, every time I do my daily actions (or tasks), I ensure that I’m 100% on it.  I remove all distractions from my surrounding and, if my family is in the house, they now know that they can’t disturb me. They have to leave me alone in my office…unless of course, there’s an emergency…and emergencies are only a question of life or death…so there’s not much of those, normally.

Here are tips that will help you stay focussed when you do your important tasks for your business:

1.Make a list of daily and weekly tasks

A bullet-form list is quick and easy to read and follow. Be thorough and include extra tasks that may inevitably arise in your day. It’s best to be realistic.

2. Decide what’s most important

Some tasks may have priority, such as making a meal, doing homework or keeping an appointment.

3. Divide tasks throughout the week or month

  • Give yourself additional time to relax.
  • Get plenty of sleep to think more clearly and creatively.
  • Leave time to do work that is not a priority.
  • Set aside time to take care of anything unexpected.
  • Some things take a little longer than anticipated.
  • Leave time for error.

4. Accomplish small tasks

  • Break down your more time-consuming tasks into smaller increments.
  • Do your reading in two half hour sessions, taking a break in between.
  • Have fun in between chores.
  • This creates less stress with a more reasonable use of your time.

5. Stay focused

  • Try not to start a new project until a previous project has been completed.
  • Concentrate on one thing at a time and do it well.
  • Write “Focus on Priority” on post-it notes. Keep them near the phone, computer or on the refrigerator to remind yourself.

6. Review your progress

Sit back and look over your work.

  • Have you progressed as far as you should?
  • Is there a more efficient way to accomplish what you’re doing?
  • Reassign portions of your project to another day.
  • Delegate to others, if possible.

7. Be flexible

Try to complete your projects, but if unable to do so, complete them up to a certain point and leave them for another day.

8. Plan a deadline

Stay on track and on schedule. If you are scheduled to do something, do it, unless it is very inconvenient or impossible to do so.

Waiting for a Miracle

By organizing yourself using those tips, you will not have to wait for a miracle to happen! You will be proud of yourself and you will accomplish much more than you think. Believe me. I apply those tips and they are efficient.

Hope you enjoyed the read.



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