As Spock Would Say, May Your Business Live Long and Prosper!

As Spock Would Say, May Your Business Live Long and Prosper!

That is the goal of all entrepreneurs!

To see our business live long and prosper…

I hope so because if it’s not, you’re in trouble or as my son would say in deep doodoo!

This goal can be easy to reach for some but for most of us, it is a daily battle. Actually for most of us, business is what we breath all day long. You know, we just can’t stop thinking about our business…

  • How do I make my business better, how do I improve my business?
  • What do I do this morning to increase my list of clients?
  • I have this idea…how should I implant it and test it with my clients?
  • Did I talk to my associate today about xyz?

Can you relate?

And is thinking about your business a problem you ask?

Hell NO! This is actually great because it tells you that you are passionate about it. As long as it doesn’t create issues in the other spheres of your life, then I say it is perfect! Be motivated. Care about your baby business.

And as we say here a small train goes a long way!  or for you:

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way!

I love the difference in expressions…I learn so much about the cultures!

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