Back From Vacation…And Into My 200th Post!

Back From Vacation...And Into My 200th Post!

For my 200th post, I wanted to do something different….But what?

Let’s talk about my vacations last week.

I like travelling and meet new people. So my husband and I went back to Cuba, Santiago de Cuba this time and not in a resort but on our own.

If you have been to Cuba, you know that it is controlled and tourists are in a bubble. ┬áMy husband and I wanted to talk to Cubans and learn more about how they live…and we were well served.

Cubans still have the revolution rhetoric…they learned it at school and they are afraid that there may be spys listening to their discours but some of them are now talking about lack of food, lack of salaries, lack of everything.

They are proud to be educated and to have good professions but they often have to do something else if they want to have a better life….

And a better life for them often means work around the tourism industry…that way they have access to money from tourists via taxi rides, guide, restaurant, and tips…because there is Cuban currency and tourist currency.

They can then have some extras when they don’t have family abroad bringing them goods from time to time.

What I realized during my stay is that Cubans are proud and they are also very resourceful.

That made me think…it’s good to have different and new perspectives to give a fresh view to my life. Food for thought!


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