Be Acquainted With A Devil’s Advocate

Be Acquainted With A Devil's Advocate

I have in my partnership a lovely lady who is really special. Why is that? Yes she has a great sense of humour and yes she is a great entrepreneur but that’s not only that that makes her special. So what is it?

Many time when we brainstorm on a project, a new offer, a new sales funnel, a new marketing campaign, she plays the devil’s advocate.

And you know what?

This role is vital for our partnership because it makes us think about the project in different angles and it makes us question it to ensure that it is the best project possible.

Being the devil’s advocate can be perceived as being a pest by some people but it’s actually a quality improvement role, if I can use this language,

When you are in business, you need someone to challenge your work because you are always aiming to get the best product to you customers. The challenger can be an expert panel that is in your field, a competitor, someone totally outside of your working field. You have to look at diversity of opinions to be able to get constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism makes you think without feeling attacked. It’s a state of mind that you need to have in order to advance. I know it can be difficult to get your work scrutinized but it’s the best way to improve yourself.

Think about it and look for the devil’s advocate in your life to get better.


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