Be Careful What You Wish For…

be careful what you wish for

I have to say this, sometimes, you say something and you can’t keep up with your words because what you say really doesn’t make sense…and you may pay for it sooner or later.

Like this guy who is now following me on IG…He calls himself the “last honest blogger”.

Personally, I have nothing against the guy, don’t even know him, Looked at his website and FB page and he’s just promoting like any other network marketer.

So why saying that he’s the “last honest blogger”.

Don’t know but, for me, he either have a big ego or he’s trying to have one big ego!

And you remember when I spoke about being sincere the other day, well for me, that’s just not it! Sorry guy!

It’s okay to want to help people and to want to stand out in the crazy network marketing crowd but don’t say things or pretend something you may regret one day.

But I have to admit, when kids say their mom is the best mom in the world or their dad is the best dad in the world, that’s true and not over exaggerated!

My opinion…and I’ll leave it at that!


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