Beam Me Up Scotty To The Telephone Booth

Beam Me Up Scotty To The Telephone Booth

OK. I’m jealous!

Yesterday I was chatting with some of my partners who were going to the Affiliate Summit in NYC.

Jealous because they live in New Jersey so they’re close. It’s easy for them to go. For me it’s over 9 hours drive…and I hate driving.

That’s why I asked for a “beam me up Scotty” or maybe to have a telephone booth nearby for instant travel!

I can’t wait for this to be real!

But well, I have to admit that, with internet and all the new ways to communicate and seeing people from thousands of miles away is not bad either.

I remember how difficult it was in early 1990 to arrange for videoconferencing. It was easier to take the plane!

Evolution is good when well used. I’m glad to be a part of it and be able to use all that technology.

I just remember the 4 carboned copies forms I used to fill up for my reports at work using a typewritter!

This whole sentence doesn’t make any sense to many people, my kids included!

The great part about this evolution is that new word that is in many people’s mind:


Yes I want that and I have that now. So great to be connected and be able to do all my work wherever I am in the world (ok, almost!)

Got to love my life. Enjoy August. It will be a great month.


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