Beware My French Blood or The Importance Of Staying Zen

Beware My French Blood or The Importance Of Staying Zen

My French blood can make me do extreme things…

Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good. This one is for good!

Upon our return from Cuba on Sunday, we arrived at the airport about 3 hours in advance. We went in line to check in and, guess what, we were told that we couldn’t check in before all the people from the resorts were there. Mmmm!

Why was that? Guess the worst and imagine Patricia flipping out and getting really mad!

The Cuban airline had overbooked their flight and my husband and I, because we were not in one of the resorts, were probably the ones to stay behind!!!!


When was the next flight, you may ask? Friday or maybe the next Sunday!!!!!

You know, it’s ok to overbook and to let people know when they book that they are overbooked (their choice to take the ticket or not) but overbooking and not telling people???? That’s part of the Cuban bad administration.

So I got really angry and told the poor rep that it was not acceptable, specially since we had taken our tickets 3 months in advance and that there was a 5 to 7 days delay to get the next flight!!!!

I told the rep that I would sit on the pilot’s lap if I had to!!!!

Luckily for my husband and I, there was a really nice lady who took care of us and ensured that the rep would change her mind and make us check in right away.

The nice lady was selling VIP spots at the airport, so guess what? We took it to thank her.

However, I can tell you that if I wouldn’t have been furious, nobody would’ve moved their ass!!

So having short temper pays in certain situations but I try not to make it a habit.

Actually, with the years and the kids, I became more patient and I can tolerate alot….except incompetence!! and that was a real case of incompetence from a company doing business internationally.

A company like that cannot survive long in the international world. They will have to lift up their client service standards.

And by the way, it is the last time I’m using this company, unless they become a 5 stars company. That’s a promise.

I have high standards and everybody should have high standards. We deserve it.


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