Beware of The Wolves of Network Marketing

Beware of The Wolves of Network Marketing

There are people who don’t care about you….

Surprised? Sure you’re not. Like in any other type of world, the network marketing world is a zoo. There are good animals and not so good animals…and you want to avoid the latter.

However, it can be hard to avoid the wolves that are full of sugar to attract you. Beware of the people who are just too nice to be good. Why am I saying this?

Because I got some experience with the sugary type. In network marketing, they are the ones more interested in statistics of their business, they are the ones more interested in the leaderboard…they will just toss you to replace you with another pidgeon, and another one and another one. Sad but true.

To the point that one of them even suggested to his “team” of new recruits to skip paying their mortgage for 90 days to invest in lead generation systems. Lead generation system that he has a vested interest in it of course! That is a bad wolf!

So how do you spot those bad wolfes? Not easy actually but not that difficult either if they are active on social media. Always good to look at what potential wolves are posting and writing. It gives you an idea if you can trust them or not.

But I have to admit, I got nailed by a few network marketers wolves but I withdrew my shares to them within a few months when they showed me their real face. How did they do that? They stopped answering me when I was asking questions, when I wanted good tips to build my business. I was taking too much of their time, I guess, and I was already a paid customer so they didn’t care until I stopped paying…then they reacted and asked why I was leaving them?

You know why? I told them:

“Because you don’t care about me and my future. You only care about my money.”


I want someone who can coach me and mentor me and will help me rising. This is part of my business plan.

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