Can Your BizBiz Guru Make You Go Bankrupt?

Can Your BizBiz Guru Make You Go Bankrupt?

I don’t know about you but some bizbiz gurus make me run far!

Literally! Why?

Because they just go on and on and on….and never stop preaching…mostly wrong stuff wrapped in sugary and jaw dropping smoky mirrors…and they love when you are being brainwashed, you are under their control…which is what I believe gurus do!

But Patricia, you may say, there are good gurus in bizbiz and they can teach you great lessons to bring your business to the top.

And you’re right!

I guess I take the word guru on the negative sense…do you remember the Love Guru with Mike Myers? Bad, Bad Character and Bad, Bad Movie!

And I do like to learn but I hate being lectured all the time…and being brainwashed. I have free will and I want to be the judge of the results my learnings have on my bizbiz!

That’s why I prefer to learn from a teacher, mentor or coach, which is actually what guru means in Sanscrit! So we should go back to the real meaning of the word…except my mind keeps thinking about Mike and his long curly beard!

So to go back to my subject, in bizbiz and specially in network marketing world, there are many preachers and they can make you loose alot of money! If what they say sounds too good to be true, that’s probably what it is. They are after your money, not your success so beware!

You can’t become a millionaire without working hard to get there and work harder to stay there. There is no secret formula. Only hard work and right teachers and coaches. Believe me, you can’t reach the top without a great team. So my advice to you, and I hate giving advice, but this one I live it daily:

Beware of the Bad Guru!

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