I Don’t Care If It’s For The Queen or The Patriots, Today is a Day Off!

I Don't Care If It's For The Queen or The Patriots, Today is a Day Off!

Today is a holiday here in Canada.

It’s National Patriots’ Day or Victoria Day – depending of your political beliefs! and I’m not talking more about this touchy Canadian subject..for me it’s the last day of the Canadian Tulip Festival. More important for the family!

But for me it’s an extra day with my family. My hubby is not working and my kids don’t have school. It’s a second Sunday in a row and we are enjoying it!

I use those extra days off to do something special with my family…can be long bicycle ride to see the tulips, or going golfing, or simply going out for a movie or a resto, It’s important for me to spend quality time with them.

Enjoy the day!


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