Be Careful When You Sign A Joint Contract. You Never Know What The Future Holds…


My lovely daughter is living the “joy” of a joint contract…

Her boyfriend and her decided to sign a joint contract for their cell phones almost 1 year ago. The contract is for 2 years and, unfortunatley, they broke up a few months ago…and the contract can only be cancelled with high fees!

I love my daughter and she’s sooo reasonable in this situation. I’m just amazed how mature she is. So proud of her!

She calculated that it was more advantageous for her and her ex to continue for the duration of the contract…that is if the ex agrees, and for now he does.

Morale of the story…

“You have to be careful who you sign a joint contract with…and prepare for the worst in advance”

This also applies to business. Always ensure that your business partners and you are both protected for when things go wrong…which I don’t wish to anybody but we never know.  It’s like a mariage contract. You do it when you’re in love and everything is great in your life.

Be prepared!


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