Cherish Your Challenges!


cherish your challenges

What would be our life without challenges? Our life would be quiet and calm…but boring! Not that I’m against quiet and calm but I love some sparkles in my life. It puts some spice to it.

I also learn a lot from challenges, good and bad. My autistic son is my personal example of huge challenges but it brings me so much rewards. I feel that I’m growing a better person as I see life totally differently and I see people totally differently now.

My working life is also giving me good challenges. I my 26-year career in the Canadian Government I had so many challenges I can’t even recall all of them but I learned to be a team player, a leader, a mentor and that is precious to me. That learning helped me moving to another phase in my working life, working for myself and have my own business. The challenges are different than in a working environment but they are as important to learn from.

I learned that I can be autonomous and that I am motivated by my business. I don’t need someone to tell me what to do to build my business.

I learned that liking what I do makes me stronger and more stubborn. How does that help me?

I know that I am doing the right thing at this moment in my life and nothing will make me change that strong feeling. I have a goal right now and it is stronger than any challenges I may encounter. Do you have that feeling?

What are some of the challenges I had to overcome with my network marketing business, you may ask.

Here they are:

1- Leads

The #1 challenge network marketers face is lead generation. Finding new people on a consistent basis that you can expose your business to is crucial. Most people do not expose their business to enough quality people on a daily basis to get the results that they need.

2-Follow up

This is the next problem area. When the home business owner does expose their business to people, they do not always follow up effectively. They either do not follow up at all, or they don’t follow up consistently enough to get results. You have to build relationships with your prospects/partners.

3- Duplication and training

Once the network marketer begins to enroll people into their business, the next problem that comes is getting their new partners trained effectively in order to duplicate what they have done and what others have done to be successful. You have to provide solid training and coaching to your partners if you want them to find your products valuable.

4- Marketing tools

Everyone needs effective marketing tools to help them leverage their time. In this day and age, a web presence is essential. You need to have cutting edge online marketing tools at your disposal. The company that you represent usually provides a website or websites, but they are typically very ineffective in providing marketing tools. I can go on and on and on on that topic. This is crucial if you want to succeed.

5- Credibility

The final problem facing network marketers is credibility. Most don’t have any as they are new. When you are new and haven’t earned any money yet, you need to build your credibility. Most people end up chasing their prospects to try to get them to look at their business, when what you really need is to build your credibility by providing value to your prospects…and you have to do that consistently. When you provide value, you get interested prospects chasing you.

And remember, it’s a numbers game!

So what you need to do is to find a company that will help you respond to those challenges and that will help you become successful.

I found that company after years of internet research. Check it out!


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