Chewbacca Is Definitely Not Yoda But Both Are Important

Chewbacca Is Definitely Not Yoda But Both Are Important

Sht! Have you seen this? My neighbour just bought a new car! I need a new car!

So what car do I want? Oh! What does the neighbour have, a BMW, so let’s go for a Mercedes.

Sounds familiar?

One of the worst thing to do to yourself is to compare your situation with someone else.


Because you know your situation but not your neighbour’s…and jealousy and envy will only make your own situation look bad.  And your situation is probably better than you think and probably better than your neighbour’s.

So take what you have in hand and work with it. Don’t pretend to live the life of someone else.

Same thing in business. Don’t compare your business with someone else’s.

Have a plan. If you need help with it, find a coach or a mentor. Follow your plan and results will come.  Just don’t be jealous of others and don’t quit on yourself.

You deserve more.  Believe in you.

And remember, Chewbacca is as important as Yoda.


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