Craving For Valuable Information

Craving For Valuable Information

Do you have that craving for valuable information?

I do and it’s a strength for me.

When I was working for others, that is for the Canadian Government, I remember the frustration I had because I was never given the full picture of an issue, a file or a case. And I had to deliver quality products without knowing all the facts.

You can tell me that I didn’t need all the facts and it’s true because I was able to figure out the details by talking to my extended network. That was the key to my success. My network.

But that network was also causing issues at the top of the management chain because I was not part of their closed circle. Not part of the elite. So I was given less and less information as a result and I still needed to deliver quality products.

That struggle for information and wanted to being the best at my job, made me crave for information even more. The craving was for more sources of valuable information. My network grew as well.

Now with my business, I still crave for valuable information, and on the internet, it’s the jungle. How do you know that the information you have is of quality?

After some trials and errors that cost me some money but gave me tons of experience, I figured out a way to ensure that I was getting the most valuable information possible.

What is it?

I follow what the leaders do! Simple as that. I follow how they gather information, from whom and I adapt to my business.

So follow the leaders and you’ll have more valuable information and less crappy stuff!


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