Dare to Open This on a Friday The 13th!

Dare to Open This on a Friday The 13th!


Did something bad happened to you by opening this blog? Sure not!

You know what? I don’t understand this superstition about a little number and a date. I also know that in some culture, 13 is a lucky number, so go figure. I guess it’s all about perspective and culture.

What I know however, is that Friday the 13th is a great marketing tool. Let’s explore it a bit…

For many years, TV channels have taken Friday the 13th as a booster to increase their audience by presenting horror movies. Ratings were always higher on that day (specially when the movies were going for hours at night). Marketing, marketing! Have to love how clever channels were.

To the point that there is the Friday the 13th franchise that is now working on their 13th movie, to be released on a Friday the 13th, of course! Marketing, marketing!

Businesses are also embarking into the exploitation of Friday the 13th. I’ve seen car companies, furniture companies, and others using Friday the 13th as a marketing incentive. Sky is the limit!

You see how you can use events to your advantage for your business? That is today’s lesson.

And even if it’s not a good event, you don’t need to be negative about it, you can always twist it positively…like Friday the 13th!

I hope I gave you some food for thought. Enjoy your Friday! the 13th!

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