How to Destroy Your Credibility The Same Way Ben Affleck Pretends to Be THE Batman

How to Destroy Your Credibility The Same Way Ben Affleck Pretends to Be THE Batman

Sorry guys but I couldn’t resist!

I don’t know what went into the producers and the director’s minds but, come on! Ben Affleck is definitely not Batman material…It almost made me like Val Kilmer as Batman! Plus the Rotten Tomatoes are here to prove it! I’m not the only one who wondered.

And I’m not talking acting here, which is perfectly fine. No I’m talking about pretending!

It reminds me of a story that happened to me a few years ago. I was working with that person from East Africa and she came to Canada as a refugee when she was about 10. Nothing wrong about this except that she pretended that she was of royal blood and that she had to change her name so that people would not hunt her and kill her…

OK that could be true…I lived in Africa when I was a kid and there are those stories…except that she was always changing parts of her story depending who she talked to…

So sad when people go so low they pretend to be someone else!

You know when you pretend to be a successful network marketer but you change your story every now and then, there is a problem with your credibitily.

And one thing you don’t want to loose in this world of social networking, where rumours and gossips are online so fast you hardly breathed twice, so the thing you don’t want to loose is your credibility.

And what better than just being yourself. You are your own product, your own brand. Don’t forget it.

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