Do You Want Some Cheese With Your Whine?

Do You Want Some Cheese With Your Whine?

That’s what I say to complainers…

I know my Tuesday subject was controversial, but as would say my Prime Minister, King Justin when asked about the changes he’s making to Canada (after 10 years of ultra conservative regime…):

Because we’re in 2016!

And you know, people will react when you post controversial subjects and it’s ok. You just have to be ready to ignore the comments when they are not constructive. Easier said than done but it’s the same reality in any situation in life.

Some people will blast you for not reason or because they don’t agree with your beliefs…Others, however, will give you constructive comments. My father was calling that “constructive criticism”!

Ignore the first ones and focus on the constructive comments…but you know, don’t stop living for that. Just move on!

If someone harrass you on your blog, email, FB, etc… just ignore them…or do what I do, I block them. PERIOD! You don’t need them anyway because they wouldn’t help your bizbiz.

So cary on and build your empire!

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