What To Do When An Estranged Bimbo Tries To Bash You on FB


I’m normally a calm and polite person…

…but when someone I don’t even know from Adam or Eve attacks me personally, I just want to react badly….

…but I won’t!


Because if someone I never heard of in my life takes the time to post on FB that I’m harrassing her “friends” because I talk about the weather and about where I live, she has a hell of an issue and she’s like an estranged bimbo to me.

“But Patricia, you can’t talk to new people on FB” says bimbo

“Why? I follow my kids and my family and my friends and my business partners and their friends. What’s wrong with that when they appear on my news feed.”

“I mean FB is a really sacred and closed place for madam bimbo like me and I want to make sure it stays that way.”

“Ah! OK! As you never show up on my news feed except today out of the blue to say I was harrassing you, you know what?”

“No what?” says the bimbo

“I’m blocking you and I continue on with my life and my business. I don’t need people like you in my life as you’re a toxic madam bimbo!”

So Blocked she is from now and I feel good!

Keep calm and move on!


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