FB Group Owner Harrasses FB “Friends” To Her Despair

FB Group Owner Harrasses FB "Friends" To Her Despair

You have to love some FB group owners…

I was on my FB the other day and I caught an ad from a FB “friend” complaining about how some people on her private group are stealing her downline to their own advantage!

I get it. Not nice to steal but is it really stealing?

If you’re like me, you look at what others on FB are writing; you look to see if they’re interesting; you look sometimes at the products they are offering to see if that interests you.

Personally, I find this all normal. Nobody steals a person in my mind. You can’t steal a person’s interest.…just tease a person’s interest, and that’s OK.

People just look around for something that they feel is better for them. Some people really like their groups and they will stay there. Others will look somewhere else for better opportunities. Remember, opportunities offered on the net that are good only stay good for so long and people know that. You can’t force them to stay with you just because it suits you.…and your bank account!

To go back to the lady, she admitted that she first started by harrassing her friends and family. She was craving for money and only thought about that. She said that, as long as she gets paid, she doesn’t care if the product is good or not for her downline….

Frankly, I think she’s the problem to what’s happening to her and she doesn’t realize that she may have been the “flavour of the day” at one point but now, she needs to refocus her business if she wants to become again the “flavour of the day” one day. She can’t just rely on her closed group and threat people who offers new stuff.

If she continues like that and doesn’t provide value that will help others…well so long lady!

The FB “friends” will be like butterflies and go from flowers to flowers for more and better.

Be yourself, be valuable and be the trend, don’t follow it!

Think about it…


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