Fifth Slow Challenging Step to Become a Millionnaire

Fifth Slow Challenging Step to Become a Millionnaire

The last and Fifth slow challenging step to become a millionnaire is:

Build your own dream by working for yourself rather than somebody else

I don’t know if you saw a quote similar to this one on Facebook or Instagram:

97% of people in the world WORK FOR the 3% of people who didn’t give up on their dreams. You can either be apart of the 97% or the 3%. Which do you choose?

I love this quote! I’m also sad when I read it because it reminds me that we used to be our own boss until the industrial age arrived.

We all have dreams

I know that we can be happy, feel satisfied by our job and not being our own boss.  Many teachers love their jobs, University profs also. Some people love to ride a bus…and I respect that. I used to love my job too. I learned a lot. Mind you being able to change jobs every 2 years helped me love my job alot…until I got stuck in the last job – but that’s another story…

I also know that people love to create, feel useful, feel that they are doing something important to others and for themselves. That is the entrepreneur feeling, I believe.

As human being, we are all here on Earth for a purpose and we have to fulfil it. We all feel that we need a sense of accomplishment…and you don’t want to be close to the end to realize that you missed your life!

How to fulfil our dreams

There is a lot of literature on this topic…and I will not propose specific one as it is personal.  What I know, however, is that nowadays, we often feel overwhelmed by our life, we feel that we have to do so much in so little time. Go to work, raise the kids, manage our household, go to all the kids’ courses, in addition to school, go to the gym, take care of the hubby, etc… so we don’t have time to pause and ponder.

Am I happy?

Do I like what I do?

Is this the life I want?

Do I like my job, my life?

Is the only thing important money?

Many questions we don’t ask ourselves often…mostly when we have no choice because we just “hit the wall”! We are exhausted, in burn out, we lost our job, a family member passed away…

It looks like we sometimes only take time to think about our life when we are deep into it….but we should reflect on it much more often than that.

We should learn to sense our feelings…

And move in life according to them. I know it’s not easy. Often, to do this, we have to make difficult choices…and we are not sure about them, they are a leap of faith.

Love what you do

Over the years, what I realized is that many of my coworkers, friends, and members of my family didn’t like their jobs. Some of them were much happier when they retired but it took them more than 1 year to recup from the change, others died in the few months after their retirement.

My question is:

Do you have to wait until you retire to do what you love?

I hope not. I hope that you can live the life you want!

An anecdote: My daughter is going to university next year and she had to make her choice of program. When she asked me, I told her to do what she loves. She told me that she loves too many things. So I said: good because, in life, it is good to have many passions as we all change as we grow older.


Keep an openmind and don’t be afraid to move on!

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed this series and I wish you a happy holiday season!


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