And To Finish With This Silly Story About The Estranged Bimbo Who Was Bashing Me On FB


You have to love human nature…

Friday I was talking about that person I didn’t even know who posted on FB that I was harrassing her “FB friends”. She also asked her “FB friends” not to befriend with me….and I blocked her, remember?

Well guess what? I haven’t been so popular on FB!!!

I’m getting invites from people I don’t know and if I accept them, they chat with me right away and want to know more about me!!!

I’m as popular as sh.t for flies! ¬†Patricia!!!!

OK Conscience! I’m as popular as a beautiful flower for bees!

Better, Conscience?

Morale of the story:

“Madam bimbo got the opposite effect from what she was looking for!”

Be careful what you wish for!

Happy Sunday!


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