First Slow Challenging Step to Become a Millionnaire

First Slow Challenging Step to Become a Millionnaire

Today, I’m starting a series of 5 slow challenges to become a millionnaire. Why slow challenges? Because it take time to work on each of them…and it is rewarding. I also find it interesting to take a pause and reflect on our potential. So here we go:

The first slow challenge is to:

Shift your mindset from making money to making an impact and helping  a ton of people.

I realize that we first think that we start a business to make money….Well that’s true but if that is the only reason, you will not be successful in business.


Because, starting a business is challenging and it has many ups and downs, like a roller coaster.

If you are in business solely for the money, you will give up after a few days, weeks or months.

For me, a business is like a baby. You love him/her unconditionally. Through the good and not so good times. And you raised him/her to become an adult.

So you need to shift your mind…

And think how can I help a ton of people? Actually, why should I do that?

Because, by helping others, you are giving them the opportunity to grow…and by making people grow, you are growing yourself. It’s a win-win situation.

I know it is simplistic…

But the most simplistic things are the one working…and it may be simplistic but it’s not that easy to do. You will be challenged everytime you want to help people.

So HOW do I do this?

In business, to help people, you have to give them something that will help them make it in their business. You have to give them products or services that will give them what they want.  Your challenge is to figure out what do people want. Let me give you some ideas:


Nowadays, people want things now. So you have to give them something that will be available to them right away and that they will be able to apply easily and fast.

That’s why internet is blooming. You can easily have a report, a course, a newsletter and sell it to people.


People also love “Done for You” products and services. They are willing to pay to get things done for them because, they have a life too you know….and they want their business to run while they are enjoying their time doing other more meaningful stuff.


People want to be the first. They want an awesome experience. For example, they will be honored to be on the waiting list for the next new product that you will sell them in 1 month. People also love competition because it give them status. They are happy to be NO1 in your monthly challenge.


In business, people love to get something new. The latest tool. The latest course. They don’t want the same thing as others, they want the 2.0 version of the product.


One of the great value for people is having access to you personally. There are multiple ways to get that. Through personal coaching or mentoring. Through video conference. Through chat, email, blog, etc…


I hope this gives you food for thought. Remember that went you help people, you are proud of yourself, you are satisfied…and money comes as a result.

See you tomorrow for the second step





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