For More Information, Call 1-800-We-Don’t-Want-Your-Business

For More Information, Contact 1-800-We-Don't-Want-Your-Business

This formula is used ad nauseam by people who actually don’t want to be contacted!

I had to deal with a bank the other day for something that would’ve been solved easily at my bank…but not this one bank.

I tried to call them and waited for over 30 minutes to be told that they didn’t have the answer and they referred me to the bank branch close to my home…I’m already not impressed with them but I need to solve my problem.

So I drove to the branch and, of course, they don’t know what to do, they don’t have the info and, guess what, they called the 1-800 free bank line!

Running in circle I tell you!

By that time, I’m just soooo frustrated, I’m ready to yell! ┬áBut I’m polite so I take a deep breath and I asked to talk to the manager.

Of course, he’s busy and can’t be bothered by me…Deep breath Patricia! Yes! That’s good!

So I’m waiting for the person who is still on the phone (yes that’s right! It will take you 30 minutes to get an answer too!!!)

Finally, the person hangs up and gave me the detail of the issue and how to solve it….by phoning the 1-800 number!!!


Have you ever heard of client service in your bank?????

So of course I will never deal with that bank again and will definitely stay at mine where everybody knows me by my name!


Morale of the story:

When you have great client service from a company, stay there!


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