Fourth Slow Challenging Step to Become a Millionnaire

Fourth Slow Challenging Step to Become a Millionnaire

Here is the Fourth slow challenging step to become a millionnaire:

Dedicate yourself to mastering your craft

You want to be successful in your business?


It’s that simple. You have to master your subject, your passion. It’s simple but is also takes time.

Educate yourself

As I mentioned, I love project management and planning and it goes well with network marketing for me. It just makes sense. I read a lot of books on various topics that can help me in my business. Topics such as entrepreneurship, starting your business, network marketing, etc…

I also take courses, mainly online courses which are offered by masters such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, David Wood, Ola Togun. The courses are often online and there are webcasts too. Those courses are helping me mastering my subject.

Another educational tool I use are newsletters. I registered to many of them, Ben Settle, Frank Kern, Robert Kiyosaki, Ola Togun, to name a few.

I know this is a lot of formation to swallow and digest so I have some tricks to learn.


To learn about my subject, I use different tools. My first tool is to put aside some time during the week that I dedicate to learning. I block on my scheduler (you can also use a calendar) different time slots that I dedicate to education. I try to put at least 30 minutes per day. My objective is to dedicate at least 5 hours per week to education.

The other tool that I use is what I call a “learning book”. I have a notebook that is separated in different sections. You can find that in a bookstore and even at Walmart. Each section is dedicated to a topic. It can be topics such as lead generation, tools, mindset, management/budget.

So when I read a book, a newsletter, or I watch a webinar, I can note what I’m learning, what I find important, into my “learning book” and refer to it anytime.

So use what you are more comfortable with. You can use electronic means that can do the same job as my old fashion way. Eh! I like paper.


It is great to educate yourself and to learn about your favorite subject, your passion…now it’s time to apply what you learn.

The biggest mistake people do is actually doing nothing with the knowledge they acquire, they have.

Take action! And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is another way to learn! If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about. Babies don’t come with a manual and they are all different…so if you want to raise them to become responsible adults one day, you have to learn and apply as you go! (I can go on and on and on on this topic!)

So apply what you learn…for example, one of the ways I apply what I learn is by writing emails and posts on a daily basis. I want to share what I learned with my email list.

You want to master your subject, your passion

You don’t want to be average. You want to be the best in your field. That’s the best way to monetize your passion.

See you tomorrow with the final step.


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