Going to The Slaughterhouse of Life

Going to The Slaughterhouse of Life

I drop my son to school everyday.

And everyday I watch the teenagers going to the slaughterhouse…at least that’s the way they look. They really don’t look as if they want to go to school. They look like they are forced to go there and that they would prefer to do much more interesting things. This is sad!

Sad because when I see my son, he’s happy to go to school (still) and he loves learning. Maybe it’s because he’s autistic and that everything is hard for him that he’s so proud when he learns new stuff. Anyway, I encourage him to learn and to have a learning mindset everyday!

Our kids have to learn to love learning. To feel alive, not to feel like they are going to the slaughterhouse everyday that they go to school. I know that our education system is not that great and it needs a major shift as the world is changing so fast.

The key is to entice them to learn many different topics and subjects so they open their mind to new stuff…and new stuff is their reality as much as it’s ours! You know that I still remember black and white TV when I was a kid. Not easy to make our kids realize how fast things have changed since I was born and how much faster our world is changing since my kids were born 20 and 16 years ago. We have to adapt to the changes. This is evolution…and it can be good if we take it positively.

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