Granma’s Here to Help You Move On!

Granma's Here to Help You Move On!

The other day I was zapping – some days that’s what you feel like…

And I got stuck on this new show about 3 grannies giving life coaching to people asking for it. I’m not a fan of reality show but this one caught my attention…here’s why.

That poor pregnant 22 year old girl – she’s expecting her 2nd child and she’s a nurse – is the sole financial contributor in her couple because that 27 year old lad is an eternal student (he has 4 professional diplomas working on the 5th) and he’s afraid of having a job!

I would just give him a kick in the a.., if I was the girlfriend, but she’s  too nice and she asked the 3 grannies for help.

So the grannies meet the guy at school…he’s 27 surrounded by 17-18 years old teenagers and he just can’t get enough of this nonsense!

To make the story short, the grannies asked him about his fears. He said he loved his comfort zone but knew that he had to move on with his life for his family – sheesh!!

The grannies decided to make him going through tests to be able to get out of his comfort zone so he would be brave enough to get an interview for a job. The lad had to fight a professional boxer, fall from a trapeze after doing a backflip and do a standup comic show in front of 100 people…and guess what, he moved his a… and got a job interview and the job!

His girlfriend was so proud of him…the end! Cute story…happy ending. I love it!

OK! Do we have to get through this to get a life? Maybe…I guess it depends on our personality. I’m a go getter. I don’t need people to tell me what to do…but yes I do need advice to move smartly with my life.

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