The Great Book of Luck

The Great Book of Luck

I’m reading the last Marc Fisher’s book, which is the follow up to The Instant Millionaire. It’s in French and I can loosely translate as “The return of the millionaire”.

In one of the scene, David the broken and unlucky guy is presented with the Great Book of Luck. First, the book is really small contrary to what its title suggests and it looks really old and used.

When David opens the book, all the pages are blank except for the last one, which has the following quote:

“The world is only the reflection of our spirit”

The millionaire then tell David that “our thoughts are the Nostradamus of our success”.

And you know what? This is true for what we think and for what we do.

Nostradamus can either give positive or negative predictions but we are controlling him, so we are the master of our predictions, negative or positive.

Good food for thought for the day. If you haven’t read Marc Fisher’s books, I suggest you go to his site and enjoy some of his writings (no interest for me except for your learning pleasure)

Today is good day to reflect on our actions. Enjoy Memorial Day


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