Have You Forgotten Your Bucket List?

Have You Forgotten Your Bucket List?

I just started reading Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Workweek.

It’s an interesting book so far with tasks to do after each chapter. One of the tasks is asking to list things we wanted to do when we were young. Our dreams.

I felt sad because it took me awhile to remember what I wanted to do went I would be a grown up. You know, my bucket list.

I had forgotten what I wanted to do when I was grown up because I grew up forgetting about my dreams. Why was that? You know, you go to university, you get a job, you buy your first car, you buy your first house, you start a family and your last child is diagnosed with autism.  20 years have past without remembering all the details except fighting everyday to keep your 2 kids healthy…

Then you wake up and half your life has past…and you forgot your dreams.  That’s what happened to me.

However, life is always there to make sure that you live your life…but you have to see the signs. I had many signs before I finally really woke up from my rat race.

Every year I had to take at least 1 month off because I was exhausted physically and mentally. I ignored that sign.

Then one year I fell and broke my elbow. I ignored that sign too.

Then, over 2 years ago, I broke all the bones of my right ankle and stayed home for 6 weeks. I ignored that sign too as I was working at 7:00am the next morning I had my surgery! I worked from home like a dog for the 6 weeks I was off work. I didn’t have to use my sick leaves because of all the work I’ve done from home.

You know when the wake up call came? When my Director told me that I didn’t do the work she asked for…and she only told me that 6 months after I did the work!!!! Hello!!!!

I realized then that I was treated like a lemon…squeeze all the work juice, use it and than trash what is left. My Director was using me for her own benefit and I had been stupid enough to believe that she cared about my work!

Luckily for me, even if I was ignoring the signs, I was somewhat preparing myself to my next life assignment…working for me, on my terms.

It took another year and I was gone from work (replaced by 5 people and 5 teams – which was refused to me for 3 years – but who’s being vindicative here?) and I had my business running. I still have it running and I enjoy everyday of it.

So I remembered one of my items from my bucket list: work for me.

Another item on my list comes from my son who loves to travel…I do love to travel too!

And I have now many items that I remembered dreaming of when I was a kid, a teenager and a young adult…we’ll talk about them another day.

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