Have You Heard of Curiosity Traffic Jam?

Have You Heard of Curiosity Traffic Jam?

That’s a cool expression with a biz twist!

I heard it on the radio on Friday. The traffic guy was saying that there was an accident on the highway and, check this out, he said:

There is a curiosity traffic jam on the other side of the highway because people are slowing as they stare at the accident!

I just love this! It is a great expression and it tells it all. Plus, it is also true in business. How, will you ask me?

Let’s say there is a new restaurant on the main street of your town. The restaurant is advertising in the newspapers, on tv and on the radio. You want to know more about it… you are curious!

Let’s say you go to main street and the restaurant looks really cool from the outside, with bright colours and so on…you need to go and look inside if the decor is cool too, plus if the food is good too…so you make a reservation, but you can’t get one before the next week…the curiosity will go a notch higher because the restaurant has so many clients going…curiosity traffic jam!

And guess what, when you go, you are so thrilled because the place is cool and the food is, just so good….What do you do, you talk to your friends and family about it, you go again…guess what, you just promoted the new restaurant for free!

They did a great job at marketing for the opening and the curiosity paid off! The restaurant will succeed because of the curiosity traffic jam they created first!

Cool stuff!

Talking of cool stuff, this is a curiosity traffic jam too. Click here and grab your meal to success!


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