How A Star Can Fit In A Round Whole

How A Star Can Fit In A Round Whole

Getting back to yesterday’s post about adaptation and school system.

I truly believe that society as a whole is able to adapt to different people. We have proven this over the last millenium. OK I know we haven’t always been successful but in general we have been. I’m positive in nature.

So my question is why most of the school systems around the world fail to adapt to changes in society? They do adapt to some changes when it’s too much in the news but in general, school systems try to fit all the kids in the same program.

It’s like that toy that we give to babies where they have to put different shapes into their respective wholes. Except for school you have to put the square, the circle, the rectangle, the star and the diamond in only one shaped whole, the circle, let’s say.

Of course, that doesn’t work. And you know what, it’s great that it doesn’t work because we are all different, we all have different values, culture, realities. strengths and weaknesses. And society is adapting to that. An example?

I was watching the movie Testament of Youth, based on Vera Brittain’s novel. It is set during World War 1 and it is a moving film. In the movie, Vera needs a chaperon wherever she goes in society because she’s a young single woman.

In today’s world, thinking of having a chaperon for every young women would be totally crazy! Society then had to adapt to modern society…and it did.

So I would love to see the school system leave the 1950’s and educate our kids to think by themselves, to work on their strengths and ensure that they are ready to an ever changing society.

Adaptation to changes is key to a fully successful life.


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