How an Alien Stole My Business Idea

How an Alien Stole My Business Idea

I am focussing and thinking of a business idea…

I am building this new bike that have a rocket and flies around the neighbourhood…my family is seeing me in the air and they are just amazed that I was able to build that monsterous bike. I don’t have to think about traffic anymore. I’m free. I feel so alive!

I think I’m alone in the air and suddenly, I’m attracted to a big black hole and I can’t do anything to stop it!

Wait! It’s an alien ship!

Wait again!

Oh! I hear snoring next to me…I was dreaming!

Sadness in my heart…but wait. I often have dreams about fun ideas…I should write them down and see if they can be applied.

That’s an idea.

I don’t know if you are like me but I have many ideas popping in my head so often in the day and at night, it’s just fun to recall them. My best ideas come up when I least expect it…so I always have my notepad to write them down.

I just love the way those ideas make me feel alive and active…I apply many of them in my business.

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