How Do You Know Your Leads Are Not Robots?

How Do You Know Your Leads Are Not Robots?

Do you have a source of quality leads?

That was Wednesday’s conversation with my partners. We have started in mid-March a NEW Solo Ads Yellow Book Results. Why?

Because we wanted to test the solo ads market and see which solo ads vendors are providing the best results, the best ratio lead conversion/clicks. You can click here to see the detailed results. As you can see, as of Wednesday, the lead conversion rate was almost 16% average for 27 tests with peaks between 25-29% and lows as bad as 2.5%.

The other question, as my mentor Ola would say, is:

It’s nice to see the conversion rate but how do those conversion rates translate into sales?

Damn good question!

And that depends…during our partners discussion, we realized that, even if a conversion rate is as high as 45%, let’s say, the sales rate is 0. Yes, you read it…ZERO!

We found out that some solo ads vendors are using software that enters email addresses in. The software just puts the addresses on a block list and never buy from them again! Clever but not morally acceptable in my mind…I would almost say it’s fraud.

So with my team we are now exploring this question and we hope to give explanation soon. Go to our testing page and tag it as a reference. It’s a great tool!

In the meantime, if you buy traffic with solo ads, my team suggests to look at testimonials from the vendors. Try and see where they get their traffic from. Also look for testimonials from people you know that are in your industry. You may be able to find the good fruits from the rotten ones.

I hope I helped you today with this interesting question.

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