How Do You Want Your Gazoline?

How Do You Want Your Gazoline?

Like a pizza? On site, Take Home, or Delivered?

I was watching the news th other day and I saw that reporting about the new fashion thing in gazoline. In California, you can actually order via an app your gazoline and some delivery boy will come to the set place at the set time, refill your car tank!

Wow! I’m amazed!

And those wonderful imaginative people have more for us. There is actually a little gadget that is being developed that will allow your car to make the gaz order! Yes! That’s right…your car will tell the gaz company when the tank is low and will request to get it filled up…

I’m not sure if I like that or not? My car having all control over my credit card….

But, despite the credit card issue, I find the whole idea fascinating. Can this be transposed to work?

You know, you wake up every morning and a text or email tells you where you are going to work that day and what you will do. No need to hunt for a job, the job comes to you. That would be nice. Hummm, maybe not so much.

But this is interesting to think about it for people who are looking for jobs, which I’m not. Too happy with my freedom and doing what I love!

Remember though, what is important is to keep your imagination running and running. It’s fun to have ideas…it keeps us alive, specially when you work on materializing (love that word!) your dreams.

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